Behind The Scenes: " Chad - Skateboarders" Video Shoot

A brief behind the scenes look at my dude Chad's Video Shoot for "For My Skateboarders." The shoot took place on a crystal clear Sunday morning on 110 st. & Lenox. ave in Harlem. Shout to Darren of Born Ryders for putting everything together. Between him & my boy Chad, they had the whole hood come out to rep in the video. There were also mad skateboarders from Belchez's POP NO BAIL UPTOWN SK8 COMPETITION that DJ FLO and I DJ'd just a few weeks back. Anyway, I'm going to keep my footage real brief because after all i'm not the photographer here... the talented guys over at @RivalsOfTime are, so shout to them as well. I believe there is some footage of DJ FLO and I soon to come courtesy of and Rivals of Time. GET SHIRT-FACED!